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Gradhire is about to revolutionise Graduate recruitment

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What is Gradhire

Available online or through the App, Gradhire offers graduates the opportunity to create their CV profile outlining the types of roles and locations they are seeking and answer a series of video interview questions that probe their motivations and strengths.

Employers can then search for graduates looking for internships or career opportunities just like theirs and really get behind the graduate’s profile to assess both their hard and soft skills and what makes them tick.

When they identify their ideal graduate(s) they simply invite them to review their company profile and opportunity which can be supported by video introductions. If the graduate is interested in the opportunity they can accept the invite which will make their contact details available to the company to progress further.

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How does Gradhire work

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    See Beyond The CV

    Understand the graduate’s personality, desires and motivations

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    Watch Anywhere & Anytime

    Review prospective graduates from wherever and whenever you like

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    Save Time

    No need to spend time arranging interviews with unsuitable graduates

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    Speed Up Recruitment

    Approach graduates directly with your job opportunity

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    Identify Those Gems

    Assess graduates you might have overlooked based on their CV

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    Filter your search to identify graduates who are looking for opportunities just like yours

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    Promote Yourself

    Promote your company and vacancies through video introductions

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    Reduce Costs

    Contact graduates directly and cut out recruitment fees

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    Promote Yourself

    Get across your personality, desires and motivations to prospective employers

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    Stay in Control

    Produce your profile from wherever, whenever and as many times as you like

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    Don’t Waste Time & Money

    No need to waste time & money attending interviews for unsuitable roles

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    Make it Relevant

    Only hear about opportunities that match your specific requirements

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    Be Informed

    Really understand the opportunity by viewing videos of the company and vacancy

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    Endless Opportunities

    Be approached about fantastic opportunities you might not have even considered

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    Speed Up the Process

    Communicate directly with the employer to improve communication

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    It’s Simple, It’s Effective and it’s Free!

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